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Security for players, their families, coaches and leagues is extremely important when dealing with youth sports. Player Authenticate has taken the personal information "paper trail" out of the system. Presently, everything from Birth Certificate's to Proofs of Residence's to Drivers License's to Medical Release forms and much more are being handled by players, coaches, leagues, etc using paper. With this "paper trail", Identity Theft is potentially a very high risk. The only way this may not occur is if you trust your coach and trust your league with your most personal and confidential information. Even though you may completely trust the people who are with your children, do you trust that they are not sharing any of the information, even by mistake? In addition, shredding all information that you have provided for them should be mandatory and is quite necessary. With the multiple levels of people (players, parents, coaches, league representatives, tournament directors, etc) handling this information, I assure you that ALL documents are not being shredded. It's not hard for someone to accidentally lose or misplace some of these documents. If this happens, it can be completely catastrophic to the personal well being of the player’s and their family.

Player Authenticate is an objective third party company whose sole purpose is to verify the credentials of all participants in any youth sporting league. We have eliminated the "paper trail" and the problems that may follow it. In addition, the personal information of the players and coaches will remain personal. Only through the use of unique ID and personal passwords, will the owner of his/her information be able to view it. It is a completely secured site that limits access to those who have set up their account. Also, the data that is supplied will be encrypted to add an additional level of security. This data will not be distributed to any outside advertisers or solicitors


Simple: Register your child, choose your child's league/tournament, upload the required documents, submit. Congratulations! You are a member of P.A.C.!

Safe: Submit your child's personal information and your documentation to a secure and safe website, where only you and Player Authenticate have access to this information.

Secure: Player Authenticate uses the latest security measures to assure that you and your childs personal information is recieved and stored safely.

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