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“There has to be a better way!” That statement is what led to the idea of Player Authenticate. The more involved we became in youth sports the more we stayed true to the comment above. We were the parents supplying either the coach or the league with our child's and our own personal information. Such personal information included birth certificates, insurance information, drivers license, home owner records, financial documents, and much more. We were also volunteer coaches who were responsible for gathering that information from the parents. It was always pure chaos and nerve racking. We just kept saying “there has to be a better way”.

We knew there was a void which is what got the ball rolling. We began looking into different ways to make the credentialing process in youth sports easier for everyone involved. After speaking to dozens of friends, parents, coaches, and league administrators, we realized what we had to do. We needed to develop a Simple, Safe, and Secure way to collect and verify the credentials required by youth sports that would protect sensitive information from security theft and still be easy to use for everyone involved.

Our solution was to offer, via a secure website, a streamlined process for parents to register their children in youth sports. It needed to secure their personal information, as well as, make it easier for coaches, officials, and leagues to assure credentialing requirements and that fair play initiatives are being met in every league across all sports.

That brings us to today. Welcome to Player Authenticate. A Simple, Safe, and Secure way to handle all of youth sports credentialing and verification needs!

Player Authenticate

Player Authenticate LLC


Simple: Register your child, choose your child's league/tournament, upload the required documents, submit. Congratulations! You are a member of P.A.C.!

Safe: Submit your child's personal information and your documentation to a secure and safe website, where only you and Player Authenticate have access to this information.

Secure: Player Authenticate uses the latest security measures to assure that you and your childs personal information is recieved and stored safely.

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