Coach Benefits
  • Protection of personal information. The coach’s personal information is password protected and there will be a third party who is completely accountable for requirement verification.
  • Time and cost efficient.
  • No more questions or concerns about inappropriate players playing out of their age group.
  • No more collecting and/or handling any player’s family’s personal information.
  • Player Authenticate allows the coaches to coach and virtually eliminates the administrative nightmares.
  • Streamlines the process and can be used for multiple leagues, tournaments and a variety of different sports.
  • Assures full compliance.
  • Coach photo ID.
  • Emailed reminders to keep from expiring.

Simple: Register your child, choose your child's league/tournament, upload the required documents, submit. Congratulations! You are a member of P.A.C.!

Safe: Submit your child's personal information and your documentation to a secure and safe website, where only you and Player Authenticate have access to this information.

Secure: Player Authenticate uses the latest security measures to assure that you and your childs personal information is recieved and stored safely.

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